Harry Simon

Email: h2simon@ucsd.edu

Affiliation: PhD Candidate, Communication, UCSD

Website: http://www.qvole.org/wp/

My doctoral research is situated between the fields of comparative Latin American media systems analysis and the mediatization of politics. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative dimensions of mediatization research, I seek to identify and index prevailing structural tendencies and logics associated with the enactment of politics and its mediatization during periods of political crisis and change. The current dissertation stage of my work focuses on cases involving the consolidation of private-commercial television industries during the 1980s and 1990s in Latin America. My theoretical work is also influenced by Cultural-Historical Activity Theory and Distributed Cognition. Moreover, my research is both motivated and enriched by decades of experience working in the field as an educator, multi-media producer, independent developer of educational technology, political activist, and advocate for human rights.