Robert Lecusay

Robert is an Associate Professor of Education at Södertörn University, Project Researcher at Malmö University, and Affiliate Researcher Jönköpi Ungniversity's Preschool Education Research Group. His teaching and research centers on the study of play, teaching, and education for sustainability in Swedish preschool provision, with particular focus on how early childhood pedagogues understand and negotiate tensions stemming from the combination of these activities in preschool. These interests are rooted in a more general concern with understanding the relationship between formal and informal learning.Robert completed his doctoral training at LCHC ( Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Communication & Cognitive Science) where he collaborated with colleagues on a variety of participatory design research projects based in university-community educational research partnerships. Among these were playworlds which he continues to study and participate in today with his wonderful colleagues and LCHC affiliates Beth Ferholt, Anna Rainio, Monica Nilsson, and Kiyo Miyazaki. As a "gen x" CHAT scholar, he does his level best to keep up with the continuously transforming community of CHAT practice (mainly through participating in the Regenerating CHAT project and its utopian offshoots).