Christo Sims

Affiliation: Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego



I study relations among changing media technologies, learning, and equity, especially among children and young people coming of age in the United States. My most recent writings on these topics will appear in the journals Signs and Information, Communication, and Society. At the moment I am working on an in-depth ethnography that focuses on the launch of the first school in the United States to organize its entire curriculum to be ‘game-like.’ The school, which opened in Manhattan in the fall of 2009, appropriates principles from game design and deploys a rich medley of digital technologies in an attempt to reinvent progressive schooling for the twenty-first century. My work examines how this new approach to schooling can disrupt but also help remake historical structures of power and privilege. At UC San Diego I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and a founding member of the Studio for Ethnographic Design.