Hans Christian Arnseth

Affiliation: Associate professor, Department of Education, University of Oslo, Norway

Email: h.c.arnseth@iped.uio.no

Website: http://www.uv.uio.no/iped/english/people/aca/hansa/

Research interests: Socio-cultural psychology/pedagogy, dialogic theory, ethnomethodology and interaction analysis, learning and identity, science education, game based learning, informal learning environments.

I am interested in how learning is performed and constituted in and across a range of settings. This includes how issues of learning are woven together with notions of identity and personhood. I am also interested in how new technologies mediate human practices, particularly in science education but also related to informal settings. In my research I combine detailed studies of interaction with observational methods in order to study the structure and sense of human practices. Lately, I have done research on computer supported inquiry learning crossing boundaries between school and science museums, and conducted ethnographic research into the learning lives of young people in a multiethnic suburb outside of Oslo.