Keith Pezzoli

Affiliation: Urban Studies and Planning, University of California, San Diego


Keith Pezzoli, Ph.D., is the director of field research and a lecturer in urban studies and planning at UC San Diego. Off campus, Pezzoli directs The Global Action Research Center (The Global ARC), a not-for-profit organization that promotes just and sustainable bioregionalism. Pezzoli’s work integrates science, green business, art and multimedia communications for healthy communities through progressive social networking regionally and globally.


  • University of California-San Diego: Community Engagement Core (2005-2017)
  • University of California-San Diego: Outreach Core (2000 - 2005)
  • University of California-San Diego: Research Translation Core (2005-2017)

Selected Publications

  • Pezzoli, Keith, Justine Kozo, Karen Ferran, Wilma Wooten, and Gudelia Rangel. 2014. One bioregion/ one health: Transcending borders. Global Society. (accepted for publication)
  • Pezzoli, Keith. 2011. Creating Just and Healthy Bioregions: The Role of Action Research and Community Engagement.
  • Pezzoli, Keith. 2011. Food Justice: Industrial Agriculture and the Quest for Alternative Food Systems
  • Pezzoli, Keith, Robert H. Tukey, Hiram Sarabia, Ilya Zaslavsky, Marie Lynn Miranda, William A. Suk, Abel Lin, and Mark H. Ellisman. 2007. The NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Data Resource Portal: Placing advanced technologies in service to vulnerable communities. Environmental Health Perspectives. 115(4):564-571