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Re: [xmca] Educational neuroscience

The point is, Haydi, that in this 1932 work of Luria's (prior to his work with brain damaged war veterans) all his experiments were based on observation of behaviour, and the subject's psychological system was reconstructed in theory on the basis of observations of these "disruptions" of their behaviour, whch did not include striking them on the head with rocks, but just the normal "talk" favoured by psychologists.

BTW, "paramedicals" is a word which describes physiotherapists, nurses, dieticians, speech therapists, and so on, who are not regarded as "real doctors". Different from "paranormal."

Haydi Zulfei wrote:
Andy ! To what you've explicated , I'd like to add paragraphs from the 'first book' again ; one could find relationships especially when we read the details Luria give us in each case but one big question remains : the difference between a method of paramedicals (religious , Buddhistic , intervention of high spirits as described by Vygotsky when discussing James-Lange Theory , etc.) and a method of scientific procurement as well as piercing into the gaps which are being gradually filled by a process of Scientific Development :