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Re: [xmca] Operations, mental images and emotions (!)


I agree that an activity can become routine and still be an activity. However, for an activity to become an institution requires a good deal more than that it becomes a routine.  An institution involves an ontology and a deontology (Searle). That it, it requires statuses that define roles, and it requires duties and responsibilities that can become explicit rules and regulations. These require routinization (which is not necessarily the same as automatization), but it also requires typification.

Berger and Luckmann provide quite a good treatment of institutionalization in their Social Construction of Reality. They conclude that "institutionalization occurs whenever there is a reciprocal typification of habitualized actions by types of actors" (p. 54).  That is to say, an activity is repeated to a point where there are identifiable types of things to do, and identifiable types of people who do them (differentiation), and where the collaborators reciprocally assign the first type to the second type. (Including themselves, of course.)


On Apr 16, 2013, at 10:00 AM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> I generally agree with what you are arguing Haydi, but I think it is quite normal for activities to become routinised. Then we call them institutions.
> The objectification of an activity in a material product functioning as a tool or symbol is often the means by which an activity becomes institutionalised.
> Andy
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> Haydi Zulfei wrote:
>> [[Are you suggesting that once an activity's actions are routinized, it is no longer an activity?]]
>> YES , YES . Please read the INTERNAL transformations of an activity to the end of 3.5 hopefully . In the end , we have a product , a thing , a object , How could we call it an activity cycle , then ? Both 'ideality' and along with it 'the activity' are gone . If just one activity continually reproduces itself , what happens to the life , to the man , to the world , then ? Hierarchy of motives and levels of activity are up , too .   
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