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Re: [xmca] Operations, mental images and emotions (!)

I generally agree with what you are arguing Haydi, but I think it is quite normal for activities to become routinised. Then we call them institutions. The objectification of an activity in a material product functioning as a tool or symbol is often the means by which an activity becomes institutionalised.
Haydi Zulfei wrote:
[[Are you suggesting that once an activity's actions are routinized, it is no longer an activity?]]

YES , YES . Please read the INTERNAL transformations of an activity to the end of 3.5 hopefully . In the end , we have a product , a thing , a object , How could we call it an activity cycle , then ? Both 'ideality' and along with it 'the activity' are gone . If just one activity continually reproduces itself , what happens to the life , to the man , to the world , then ? Hierarchy of motives and levels of activity are up , too .

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