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Re: [xmca] Cultural Practices/Activities/etc

I've ordered "Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description," Ingold's book, Mike, to read about his use of the idea of Umwelt. Reading the Prologue in the preview on Amazon, I read: "the essence of production lies as much or more in the attentional quality of the action - that is, in its attunement and responsiveness to /the task as it unfolds/ - and in its developmental effects on the producer, as in any images or representations of ends to be achieved that may be held up before it."

This idea, which I take to be the /immanence /of the object of the activity, is the key revision of the conception of object-oriented Activity, I think, and what I call a "project." So, I look forward with interest to reading the whole book.


Huw Lloyd wrote:

On 23 August 2011 14:10, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com <mailto:lchcmike@gmail.com>> wrote:

    How about umwelt, Andy?
    I warned you the survey was unsophisticated. Just the term
    envelope is a
    problem because it distinguish the envelope from its contents. Very
    difficult to get the "weaving/ co-constituting" impulse into
    environment/context/practice. of course, a woven tapestry is "just
    relative to human experience, isn't it?

Is this in the same sense of "just going to the moon"?

I think that the psychological warmth of the material is also derived from the subject's ability to penetrate the medium. i.e. the cultural operations the material evokes for him/her in its fabrication (the inverse of alienation).

Also with respect to aesthetics, there is the workmanship of risk (David Pye) in addition to the synthesis of sense.



    On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 11:52 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net
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    > Mike, reading through your excellent review of the different
    concepts of
    > context, along with event, situation, activity, practice, etc.,
    is that all
    > of them conceive of the "supra-individual" object of analysis as
    > esssentially static, and despite many declarations to the
    contrary and
    > proofs that individuals can modify their enivironment (by
    whatever name) are
    > that to which human individuals have to conform. "Event" is a little
    > different, at least in the way it is used by some writers, but
    generally all
    > seem to conceive of context as condition. Although supposed to
    be the source
    > of motivation (in some versions), they may rise to the level of
    being the
    > source of reward, but I see nothing which expresses what I
    regard as the
    > inherent striving of human life. I think this is a problem.
    > Andy
    > mike cole wrote:
    >> Attached is an attempt I made several years ago to summarize
    the different
    >> terms and their uses. It is not in the least sophisticated
    about many of
    >> those cited or not, but it covers some perhaps-useful information.
    >> mike
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