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Re: [xmca] Cultural Practices/Activities/etc

How about umwelt, Andy?
I warned you the survey was unsophisticated. Just the term envelope is a
problem because it distinguish the envelope from its contents. Very
difficult to get the "weaving/ co-constituting" impulse into
environment/context/practice. of course, a woven tapestry is "just static,"
relative to human experience, isn't it?


On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 11:52 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> Mike, reading through your excellent review of the different concepts of
> context, along with event, situation, activity, practice, etc., is that all
> of them conceive of the "supra-individual" object of analysis as something
> esssentially static, and despite many declarations to the contrary and
> proofs that individuals can modify their enivironment (by whatever name) are
> that to which human individuals have to conform. "Event" is a little
> different, at least in the way it is used by some writers, but generally all
> seem to conceive of context as condition. Although supposed to be the source
> of motivation (in some versions), they may rise to the level of being the
> source of reward, but I see nothing which expresses what I regard as the
> inherent striving of human life. I think this is a problem.
> Andy
> mike cole wrote:
>> Attached is an attempt I made several years ago to summarize the different
>> terms and their uses. It is not in the least sophisticated about many of
>> those cited or not, but it covers some perhaps-useful information.
>> mike
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