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Re: [xmca] distance learning

Nothing like chatting with the neighbors to keep up one's spirits on a
cloudy day,
Denise! Aren't we a distance learning group?? Darn near 24/7.

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 10:28 PM, Newnham Denise <dsnewnham@bluewin.ch>wrote:

> HI all xmca's
> I am doing my PhD with Bath and live in Switzerland that means that I spend
> many hours alone in front of books and texts attempting to understand what
> is going on. It is extremely lonely at times and although the collective
> learning can be understood to come through the words of the authors there
> are no minds to bounce off. I would really like to thank all xmca's for
> their interesting and mind opening debates. Sometimes when I am stuck
> suddenly someone writes on just that problem area. These debates are what
> makes me keep going and where I feel that I belong to a collective mind.
> I actually recommend to distance learning institutions to do something
> similar even if it is only internal,  it is really psychologically
> (cognitive etc) a great help and comfort.
> Thank you all
> Denise
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