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From: Cunningham, Donald James (cunningh@indiana.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 19 2006 - 20:06:37 PST

Since I sometimes play the role of "word police", could I ask about the zone of proximal development?
It seems to me that the term is often used to characterize any interaction between a teacher and a student. That would be a pretty vacuous use, not in keeping with Vygotsky's basic insight, IMHO. As the page of exemplary zopeds is being built, could we talk about the criteria for determining whether something qualifies? Did Socrates create a zoped with (I assume you create one with not for) the slave boy? Did Jesus (or Mohammad or whoever) create a zoped? How about the teacher in "Dead Poet Society"? The former coach at Indiana University, Bob Knight?


Just wondering........djc

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