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Date: Sun Mar 19 2006 - 21:00:52 PST

Not to violate words, Don, zoped can be contrasted to the "semiotic/meaning
potential" of Halliday. Contrasting the two could lead to clarification and
more meaningful interpretation of the laws of development that you could
police. I would love to converse about zoped as I am coming to be very
uncertain about how useful that term can be.


On Sunday 19 March 2006 11:06 pm, Cunningham, Donald James wrote:
> Since I sometimes play the role of "word police", could I ask about the
> zone of proximal development?
> It seems to me that the term is often used to characterize any interaction
> between a teacher and a student. That would be a pretty vacuous use, not in
> keeping with Vygotsky's basic insight, IMHO. As the page of exemplary
> zopeds is being built, could we talk about the criteria for determining
> whether something qualifies? Did Socrates create a zoped with (I assume you
> create one with not for) the slave boy? Did Jesus (or Mohammad or whoever)
> create a zoped? How about the teacher in "Dead Poet Society"? The former
> coach at Indiana University, Bob Knight?
> Just wondering........djc
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