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From: Gordon Wells (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 09:53:51 PST

I entirely agree with you about the wider applicability of the zoped.
Although Vygotsky doesn't seem to have written about social and
emotional development in those places where he discusses the zoped, I
think your argument is supported by his insistence that intellectual
action is not separate from emotion, as is seen in the following:
"We come now to the last step in our analysis of verbal thought.
Thought itself is engendered by
motivation, i.e., by our desires and needs, our interests and
emotions. Behind every thought there is an affective-volitional
tendency, which holds the answer to the last "why" in the analysis of
thinking. A true and full understanding of another's thought is
possible only when we understand its affectivevolitional
basis."(1987, chap.7)


>One thing that strikes me about zoped discussions in the past have
>been the restricted range in which zoped applies to development,
>e.g. higher order functions, intellectual functions, scientific
>concepts. What of the whole child? Are there not possibilities in
>the interaction between people that advance social and emotional
>development? That promote a child's abilities to engage in
>pro-social actions? Should these things be left out of what can
>constitute a zoped?

Gordon Wells
Dept of Education,
UC Santa Cruz.
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