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Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 18:13:29 PST

Thanks Gordon, I deeply appreciate your scholarship in this area!

On Monday 20 March 2006 12:53 pm, Gordon Wells wrote:
> I entirely agree with you about the wider applicability of the zoped.
> Although Vygotsky doesn't seem to have written about social and
> emotional development in those places where he discusses the zoped, I
> think your argument is supported by his insistence that intellectual
> action is not separate from emotion, as is seen in the following:
> "We come now to the last step in our analysis of verbal thought.
> Thought itself is engendered by
> motivation, i.e., by our desires and needs, our interests and
> emotions. Behind every thought there is an affective-volitional
> tendency, which holds the answer to the last "why" in the analysis of
> thinking. A true and full understanding of another's thought is
> possible only when we understand its affectivevolitional
> basis."(1987, chap.7)
> Gordon
> >One thing that strikes me about zoped discussions in the past have
> >been the restricted range in which zoped applies to development,
> >e.g. higher order functions, intellectual functions, scientific
> >concepts. What of the whole child? Are there not possibilities in
> >the interaction between people that advance social and emotional
> >development? That promote a child's abilities to engage in
> >pro-social actions? Should these things be left out of what can
> >constitute a zoped?
> bb

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