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I remember learning about simple machines for the first time in 7th grade. Now
first graders learn this topic! Two years ago Jeanne (the first grade
teacher) had her children on a see-saw in the classroom, learning what was
essentially semi-quantitative reasonings about torque, but not by that name.
It never ceases to be amazing what children can learn.


On Monday 20 March 2006 6:56 pm, White, Phillip wrote:
> Bill, thanks for the site address - i viewed the photos - the one on
> the day's schedule struck me, because of the listing of "simple machines"
> - because last week during a classroom observation there was a session on
> simple tools, which began with a hammer, a wedge, a lever and a ramp.
> startled me. i had always thought of these devices as "tools" - but now
> they're labeled as simple machines.
> i've downloaded your paper - looking forward to reading it.
> thanks,
> phillip
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> OK, then, I've uploaded a pdf of the paper about first grade that I'm
> presenting next month at aera, linked at the following URL. Also on the
> web page are links of supporting photos -- several panoramic photos
> spanning 3 years, a photo of 1 instance of the day schedule described in
> the paper, and a photo of a couple of reading bins, with my coauthor
> appearing in the background of the latter image. If anyone wants to see
> more, and if bytes had weight, there are tons of data to share.
> bb

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