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Bill, thanks for the site address - i viewed the photos - the one on the day's schedule struck me, because of the listing of "simple machines" - because last week during a classroom observation there was a session on simple tools, which began with a hammer, a wedge, a lever and a ramp. startled me. i had always thought of these devices as "tools" - but now they're labeled as simple machines.

i've downloaded your paper - looking forward to reading it.



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OK, then, I've uploaded a pdf of the paper about first grade that I'm
presenting next month at aera, linked at the following URL. Also on the web
page are links of supporting photos -- several panoramic photos spanning 3
years, a photo of 1 instance of the day schedule described in the paper, and
a photo of a couple of reading bins, with my coauthor appearing in the
background of the latter image. If anyone wants to see more, and if bytes had
weight, there are tons of data to share.


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