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Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 06:26:01 PST

well said bb. It is the mystery that makes it so effective. . .i think?

the only way to be somewhat effective is to allow the student (newbie) to
provide the direction in which development occurs.

In my boat building example. I mentioned i start by teaching complexes of
numbers and fade to the use of the tape measure as the tool rather than
the numbers. the multi-modal (sp?) approach is important in the zoped


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What I find makes the zoped so mysterious is that assistance counts only in

advance of development, and one never really knows what's going to develop
when. Zoped becomes some sort of ethereal thing, elusive, ghostly, except
perhaps in tightly constained situations, for narrowly defined content.
yet, WE KNOW people become able to read and write and do math. The luckier

amonst us even get to think special relativity.

Perhaps many of us can point to those instances which made such a
in our lives, but only after enough time has passed and we have paid for
benefit of a long hindsight.


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