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Why do you say this? The context of the argument in the educational examples
LSV are in dialogue with Piaget and the idea that learning can only follow
as biologifcal epigenesis (not entirely fair to piaget, but academics are
forever creating
extremes to slay virtuously). Why and how does play create a zoped? Where
is the
only before there? And in our work, as in construction zone and article with
from 1984 we talk about real zopeds providing all sorts of assistance at
multiple "levels"
and "layers" before, during, after.

What I am finding in reading these various socioculturalist and AT compendia
is a whole
lot of self contradiction and confusion about lots of things, zopeds
inclulded. We gotta
spend time on this on the 7/8th in SF as well as here over the coming
months. And how could there NOT be emotion all over the PROCESS OF CHANGE?
But how to represent
it in words? Cognition appears earlier because of the illusion that words
are about thinking
not feeling. Lois Bloom has wrtten a lot about this. Right Lois H?

On 3/21/06, bb <> wrote:
> What I find makes the zoped so mysterious is that assistance counts only
> in
> advance of development, and one never really knows what's going to develop
> or
> when. Zoped becomes some sort of ethereal thing, elusive, ghostly, except
> perhaps in tightly constained situations, for narrowly defined
> content. And
> yet, WE KNOW people become able to read and write and do math. The
> luckier
> amonst us even get to think special relativity.
> Perhaps many of us can point to those instances which made such a
> difference
> in our lives, but only after enough time has passed and we have paid for
> the
> benefit of a long hindsight.
> bb
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