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Among my uncertainties as we start to dig more deeply into Anna's article
is whether we are using key terms in the same way. An old worry with
respect to the word, object, and one that occurred to me in seeking to
interpret the article. But subjectivity is also a term, the meaning of which
varies with the discourse it is a part of. I thought it might be useful to
the range of meanings we bring to the discussion. As a start, here is the


The OED gives this defintion:

*. a.* Consciousness of one's perceived states. *1821*
*Blackw. Mag.* X. 249 In the object, we infer our own existence and
subjectivity. *1874*
*Compar. Philol.* vii. 287 The idea of life, and therefore of subjectivity,
is put out of sight. *1885* J.
*Types Eth. Th.* I. I. xi. 8. 211 They forbid us to appropriate to our own
subjectivity the intelligent acts of which we are conscious.

*b.* A conscious being.
*1830* COLERIDGE <http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-c3.html#coleridge>in
*Lit. Rem.* (1838) III. 1 The Identity. The absolute subjectivity, whose
only attribute is the Good. *1840* W. H.
*Applic. Panth. Princ.* I. 103 Individuals stand as 'the subjectivities that
realize the substantial' of the Idea.

*2. a.* The quality or condition of viewing things exclusively through the
medium of one's own mind or individuality; the condition of being dominated
by or absorbed in one's personal feelings, thoughts, concerns, etc.; hence,
individuality, personality.
[*1812* SOUTHEY <http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-s4.html#southey> *
Omniana* I. 220 The nature of Bulls, which will be found always to contain
in them a confusion of (what the Schoolmen would have called) Objectivety
and Subjectivety, in plain English, the impression of a thing as it exists
in itself and extrinsically, with the idea which the mind abstracts from the
impression.] *1827* HARE<http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-h.html#hare>
*Guesses* (1859) 97 Often..the plural *we* is..a help to those who cannot
get quit of their subjectivity, or write about objects objectively. *1844* W.
G. WARD <http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-w.html#w-g-ward> *Ideal
Chr. Ch.* (ed. 2) 79 The vast increase of what is called subjectivity; the
very much greater portion of man's life and interest which is occupied in
observation of his own thoughts, feelings, and actions. *1871* R. H.
*Ess.* I. 248 'Subjectivity', as it is called, clouds the eyes; we want to
know how far our own individual deficiencies, and sins, and impulses, colour
our vision. *1880* *Scribner's Mag.* XX. 117 [Poe's] studies of character
were not made from observation, but from acquaintance with himself; and this
subjectivity, or egoism, crippled his invention. *1886*
*Ess. fr. Guardian* I. 11 This pioneer of an everybody's literature had his

*b.* That quality of literary or graphic art which depends on the expression
of the personality or individuality of the artist; the individuality of an
artist as expressed in his work.
*1830* COLERIDGE <http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-c3.html#coleridge>
*Table T.* 12 May, A subjectivity of the poet, as of Milton, who is himself
before himself in everything he writes. *1882-3* *Schaff's Encycl. Relig.
Knowl.* II. 953/2 Characteristics of Hebrew..poetry: 1. Subjectivity. The
Hebrew poet deals only with what concerns him personally. *1889* E.
*Seas & Lands* iv. (1895) 49 'Fidelis' (Agnes Maude Machar), who is
frequently called the first of Dominion poetesses, excels in a graceful

I am CERTAIN that there are very important discussions of uses of this term
more appropriate to the present discussion. I would find it helpful to be
pointed to the relevant sources.

Mary-- How do we collectively get our eyes coordinated on "Becoming
post-human"? That seems important
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