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[xmca] "semiotic/semantic [semicheskyj] analysis". Can you help me?

Greetings for all,

Please, I understand that I have a major methodological problem in my nearest research project: "how to understand human making-sense through the concrete acts of a person's speech?". Along many years I had thought about Vygotsky's claim that "“Semiotic [and/or "semantic" = semicheskyj] analysis is the only adequate method for the study of the systemic and semantic structure of consciousness.” (see http://www.marxists.org/archive/vygotsky/works/1934/problem-consciousness.htm). But it is not so clear how to proceed "Semiotic/semantic analysis". Then, if you pleased, could somebody help me, shining my mind about the (im)possibilities about somebody really learn *how to do* such kind of analysis? Here in Brazil, close to me, there is nobody working with something in this direction, then I have no local resources to ask for... Forgive me about the naive character of the question, but I really want to learn about.

Thank you very much, once more. Best wishes.

Achilles from Brazil.

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