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Re: [xmca] Re: microgenesis?

Your suggestion that attentuation of a retinal image may be an instance of microgenetic development alerts me to the fact that I may not yet be on the same page as you, Greg.

I heartily agree that the millisecond-level processes, such as those which constitute perception and cognition, are worthy of the prefix "micro-" This is the time scale at which situations have their genesis. So, in so far as a concept may be said to be really existing I think it is only at this micro- level. ... But is that what Mike is talking about when he says "microgenetic development"?


Greg Thompson wrote:
And/or in line with Heinz Werner's work on microgenesis, what about Mike's example of the attenuation and fading out of an image on the retina (into H or B or 8)?

That is a microgenetic development, no?

It certainly fitz in with Werner's work - which seems cousin to Vygotsky's work (hence my earlier question about links between Vygotsky and the Leipzig school of Psychology). But it does also seem like something different from how Wertsch has developed the notion of microgenesis, but perhaps a bit closer to Valsiner's development.

I think this is a great start but that there is a lot more that needs to be included in the genesis of that development, esp. vis a vis the social context (what Andy might be calling "sociogenesis" - the development of the situation), but psychophysical perceptual developments seem like a good start.


On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 6:32 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net <mailto:ablunden@mira.net>> wrote:

    Can I make a suggestion for what might be called a mirogenetic
    development, Mike?
    Performance of a form of an action by a child, with assistance,
    which survives the situation in which the assistance was given.
    (with the proviso that the form of action is culturally meaningful).

    mike cole wrote:

        well we are sure agreed about the context dependent part. I
        argue for different principles of change in what ... I refer
        to as cultural-historical genesis. I am just real uncertain
        about how to characterize more micro levels of
        development/context/historical..... change.

        Wertsch's paper is one of several treatments of the topic, the
        only one I could put my bytes on quickly and as a followup to
        Vera's suggestion. There are other papers with other examples.
        But first, what about what we have??

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