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Re: [xmca] ISCAR (review)

So fascinating a report , Volker ! I , in my turn , offer my deep thanks ! ... hope owners of the articles and managers of the Conference are more generous at least in having second thoughts in this world of Monopolization ! of ... and "Information" !!    Best         Haydi

From: Volker Bunzendahl <volker@volker.dk>
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Sent: Tuesday, 27 September 2011, 1:40:29
Subject: Re: [xmca] ISCAR (review)

second thoughts. part 4:

yes, and after Lucy Suchman and Elinor Ochs had presented their key 

speeches, the ISCAR Gold Medal was given to, and she was very surprised, 

even if many of us thought, who else should have it, to Mariane 

Hedegaard, who has been member and president and an ISCAR activists in 

many many years.

I attach a few pictures.

after that, and before the mentioned symposium with Rey, Kozulin, Moll 

and Portes, I attended to Symposium 107, where Pedro Portes was the 

discussant, and Fernando talked, this day, for the first of two times 

about Subjectivity and Sense.

Followed by Mariane Hedegaard, about the relation between children's 

social situation of development and activity. For me, who knows Marianes 

important work for many years, it seems that participation and to be 

able "to catch" the perspective of the child is very important. - She 

said: Learning is appropriation of competencies and motives that 

dominates the different activity settings. (again, it would be helpful 

to have the written manuscript here, as is the case with the next one, too).

Mariane was followed by Luria and Spinoza knower Wolfgang Jansen, about 

den psychological apparatus, here thought connected to Spinoza, and did 

he say Freud. Not so far from todays thoughts about Vivencia, I think?! 

- but I have to read his paper, and perhaps more ...


Den 26-09-2011 17:33, Haydi Zulfei skrev:

> Bravo ! Mike ! I also wanted to know if our good colleagues ever thought of letting the non-attending guys know about what they gave and received !


> Thanks



> Haydi




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> Thanks Volker--



> Fernando expressed an interest in having his paper in the Portes et al


> volume discussed at XMCA and I have a copy somewhere. I will post when


> possible.



> Its odd you mention the AR-CHAT issue of MCA, Volker. I was hoping there


> would be more discussion of the papers since we had access to all of them.


> Are you proposing that we post some more from that symposium or that get


> Bella to send us her talk??



> mike



> On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 6:16 AM, Volker Bunzendahl<volker@volker.dk>  wrote:



>> second thoughts, part 3

>> symposium nr. 103: Testing the limits of CHAT in diverse contexts and

>> global realities.

>> It was - for me - the highlight of the conference, where the topic,

>> subjectivity changed my way of being me, in the moment.

>> The room was filled up, people were sitting on the floor, - and Pedro

>> Portes, Alex Kozulin,  Luis C. Moll and - the most impressive of them all, -

>> Fernando Gonzales Rey changed our view of looking at CHAT, at Vygotskys

>> different working periods (moments) - and at the same time made theory

>> practical, in questions about immigration and non-dominant communities,

>> about how there is no subjectivity without objectivity, that is our

>> subjectivity is constructed by social participation in cultures.

>> I will not, here, start a more detailed review of this symposium. Instead I

>> will show you a picture of the event, and I will point to the book, which

>> expands what this symposium was about.

>> The book is named: P.P. Portes&  S. Salas (ed.)(2011): /Vygotsky in the

>> 21st century society - advances in cultural historical theory and praxis

>> with non-dominant communities/, Peter Lang, New York

>> This might be an answer to Mike,

>> Were there any discussions of the theory/practice relationship that seemed

>> to you helpful?

>> But I think MCA, nr. 2, about action reseach and CHAT maybe influenced me,

>> . while I listened to Bella Kotiks speech.

>> Volker

> 50 employees.

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