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Re: [xmca] ISCAR (review)

second thoughts, part 3

symposium nr. 103: Testing the limits of CHAT in diverse contexts and global realities.

It was - for me - the highlight of the conference, where the topic, subjectivity changed my way of being me, in the moment. The room was filled up, people were sitting on the floor, - and Pedro Portes, Alex Kozulin, Luis C. Moll and - the most impressive of them all, - Fernando Gonzales Rey changed our view of looking at CHAT, at Vygotskys different working periods (moments) - and at the same time made theory practical, in questions about immigration and non-dominant communities, about how there is no subjectivity without objectivity, that is our subjectivity is constructed by social participation in cultures.

I will not, here, start a more detailed review of this symposium. Instead I will show you a picture of the event, and I will point to the book, which expands what this symposium was about.

The book is named: P.P. Portes & S. Salas (ed.)(2011): /Vygotsky in the 21st century society - advances in cultural historical theory and praxis with non-dominant communities/, Peter Lang, New York

This might be an answer to Mike,

Were there any discussions of the theory/practice relationship that seemed

to you helpful?

But I think MCA, nr. 2, about action reseach and CHAT maybe influenced me, . while I listened to Bella Kotiks speech.


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