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[xmca] Fwd: [Air-L] Swinburne Design Perspectives Lectures now available online

Seems like this might be of more than passing interest. A former student of
Yrjo's with a phd from UCSD is speaking about activity theory and design....
among other interesting topics.

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From: Ken Friedman <KenFriedman@groupwise.swin.edu.au>
Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 4:19 PM
Subject: [Air-L] Swinburne Design Perspectives Lectures now available online
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Dear Colleagues,

Over the past year, we have been holding our Design Perspectives Lectures on
a regular basis. We've documented these on audio and video. When we first
announced these, we had requests to make these accessible online, and we
committed ourselves to making the lectures available via the web. We are
happy to announce that you can now access these lectures via the Swinburne
Design web site at URL:


Eight lectures are now available online.

Nigel Cross - Creative Thinking in Design
Nigel Cross - Understanding Design Thinking
Wendy Wong - Chinese Graphic Design History in Greater China SInce 1979
Keith Russell - Chocolate Bread, Sacred Rice: Continental Ways of Looking at
Judith Gregory - Activity Theory as a "Trading Zone" for Design Research and
Kalevi Ekman - The Story Behind Aalto University's Design Factory
Jacob Buur - User Centred Design
Pi'ikea Clark - Expanding Design Education through Indigenous Design

More lectures will be added as we complete the preparations.

In some cases, we only have audio. I regret this, but our legal department
informs us that we can't broadcast or publish some images without copyright
clearance from the original copyright holder. An image that may be used for
an education lecture in a single classroom or lecture hall falls within fair
use provisions of the copyright act, while making it accessible online falls
under those aspects of copyright law governing broadcasting and publishing.
When possible, we now ask lecturers to use images for which they have
permission, but the requirements of topic and theme determine the choice of
images. At any rate, we make as much available as we can do. We hope
eventually to make the lectures available in written form.

Please visit our web site to enjoy the lectures -- five audio, two video,
one in both audio and video.


Best regards,


Professor Ken Friedman, PhD, DSc (hc), FDRS | University Distinguished
Professor | Dean, Faculty of Design | Swinburne University of Technology |
Melbourne, Australia | kenfriedman@groupwise.swin.edu.au | Ph: +61 3 9214
6078 | Faculty www.swinburne.edu.au/design

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