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[xmca] Uneven development and weakest chain analysis in Vygotsky


For those who are familiar with the theory of uneven development and the
breaking of a chain from its weakest ring,

an analysis from Vygotsky, that I was expecting since long time to find in
his works..., because the above two are two important developing
methodological elements in Marxism at the beginning of 20th century,
especially with Lenin (uneven development of capitalism and theory of
imperialism, then breaking of the imperialist chain from its weakest ring;
long before that, uneven development within the working class > theory of
organization, 1902)

 "...the higher psychological processes (of an abnormal child) usually
suffer more than the elementary ones. The underdevelopment of the higher
processes is not primarily, but secondarily conditioned by the defect.
Consequently, they represent the weakest link in an abnormal child's chain
of symptoms. Therefore, it is where all educational efforts should be
directed, in order to break the chain at its weakest point" (Col. Works,
Plenum Press, p. 199)

Dear Andy, finally, I found it !

As an hypothesis, I think that thinking on Vygotsky's theory, a theory so
much based on the idea of process and development, together with uneven
development, mayl be fruitful in some respects

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