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[xmca] Re: Uneven development and weakest chain analysis in Vygotsky

Sorry Collected Works Volume 2...

2009/12/8, ulvi icil <ulvi.icil@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> For those who are familiar with the theory of uneven development and the
> breaking of a chain from its weakest ring,
> an analysis from Vygotsky, that I was expecting since long time to find in
> his works..., because the above two are two important developing
> methodological elements in Marxism at the beginning of 20th century,
> especially with Lenin (uneven development of capitalism and theory of
> imperialism, then breaking of the imperialist chain from its weakest ring;
> long before that, uneven development within the working class > theory of
> organization, 1902)
>  "...the higher psychological processes (of an abnormal child) usually
> suffer more than the elementary ones. The underdevelopment of the higher
> processes is not primarily, but secondarily conditioned by the defect.
> Consequently, they represent the weakest link in an abnormal child's chain
> of symptoms. Therefore, it is where all educational efforts should be
> directed, in order to break the chain at its weakest point" (Col. Works,
> Plenum Press, p. 199)
> Dear Andy, finally, I found it !
> As an hypothesis, I think that thinking on Vygotsky's theory, a theory so
> much based on the idea of process and development, together with uneven
> development, mayl be fruitful in some respects
> Ulvi
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