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Re: [xmca] Second funeral held for Chilean activist Victor Jara

I can only speak for me own country, Australia, Iluvi. In the 1960s, American folk singers (later also Australian) played a huge role in developing the social and political consciousness of young people. I learnt many decades later that the "folk music club" I went to every week to listen to the songs of people like Pete Seeger in early 1960s was run by the Communist Party. The folk music movement was intimately linked to the stirring of the political consciousness which led to 1968 and all that.


ulvi icil wrote:
And now, a suggestion about an issue directly related with XMCA and a
universal one, beyond Chile...

Does anybody know any study which investigates the role of singers like
Victor Jara or Pete Seeger or others play in their respective countries in
the social consciousness of the people? Certainly  there should be books on
these singers, but I specifically ask from the point of view of the role or
the effect of the singer in social formation of his/her people's mind and

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