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Re: [xmca] Second funeral held for Chilean activist Victor Jara


2009/12/7, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net>:
> I can only speak for me own country, Australia, Iluvi. In the 1960s,
> American folk singers (later also Australian) played a huge role in
> developing the social and political consciousness of young people. I learnt
> many decades later that the "folk music club" I went to every week to listen
> to the songs of people like Pete Seeger in early 1960s was run by the
> Communist Party. The folk music movement was intimately linked to the
> stirring of the political consciousness which led to 1968 and all that.
> Andy
> ulvi icil wrote:
>> And now, a suggestion about an issue directly related with XMCA and a
>> universal one, beyond Chile...
>> Does anybody know any study which investigates the role of singers like
>> Victor Jara or Pete Seeger or others play in their respective countries in
>> the social consciousness of the people? Certainly  there should be books
>> on
>> these singers, but I specifically ask from the point of view of the role
>> or
>> the effect of the singer in social formation of his/her people's mind and
>> consciousness...
>> Ulvi
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