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[xmca] Manfred Holodynsk's MCA article

I voted for Manfred's Holodynski's article with enthusiasm. After all this time, when so many truisms have been spoken about emotions, but no-one seemed to be able to give a CHAT approach to the emotions systematic and positive form with empirical content, and Manfred has done it. There are a great manay things which could be said about this paper, but I would like to highlight this excerpt (p. 11) which makes it all appear simple!

   "The question regarding how emotions can be defined from an activity
   theory perspective has been answered by examining them in terms of
   their function within the macrostructure of activity. Such a
   functional definition allows emotions to adopt different features -
   behavioral and mental. Emotions are defined by their (prerational,
   preverbal) appraisal function that assesses the goals and outcomes
   of an individual’s action in the light of its motive-serving effects.

and Manfred continues:

   "... an emotion [is] a functional psychological system involving the
   synchronic interplay of several [four] components and serving to
   regulate actions within the macrostructure of activity in line with
   a person’s motives ... appraisal, expression, body regulation, and
   subjective feeling."

By "the macrostructure of activity," Manfred means the structure of operation, action and activity, which makes up activity. Since "activity" is the most basic concept in Activity Theory, of course, emotion must be defined from this foundation. Just as "concept" and meaning also are defined from the same foundation. So there is no sticking togther of cognition+affect, since the original whole is an activity.

Well done, Manfred,

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