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Re: [xmca] Hallucinating Romantic Science

Could we call this ambivalence/contradictionS a necessary property of joint
cultural/mediated activity perhaps. Resistance to too much subordination is
the otherface of having no categories at all. I have sent Ursula Leguin's
short story She Unnames Them to you-all didn't I? If not, shame on me and I
will repost. It is all about classification/naming and resistence.
Something about power and gender in their too, although my students had a
hard time believing me when I said that.

 Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 5:01 PM, Larry Purss <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> Greg, your additional commentary on the resistance to being classified, but
> at the same time wanting to honour and acknowledge our ancestors, is
> another one of those contradictions [ambivalences??] which I find
> fascinating.
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