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[xmca] Manchester conference

Hello -

I've just attended a wonderful little conference in Manchester,UK, conducted by Colin Barker (whom I first met on this list) at Manchester Metropolitan University. It's a social movement conference -- "Alternative Futures and Popular Protest."  Not only was it an opportunity to hear reports from social movements around the world (the field work of PhD students from Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Poland, the US, Italy, Greece and other countries who are studying movements current and past in Egypt, Palestine, and India as well as their own countries-- I'm just listing a few that come to mind) but also a fine interaction of senior professors/researchers, mostly from the US and UK, with students. 

Colin has been doing this conference for 17 years; it runs very smoothly with good food, good AV and especially respectful, generous but tough questioning and responses, plenty of time allotted for real discussion.  I'm planning to return. 

Helena Worthen

Helena Worthen
21 San Mateo Road
Berkeley, CA 94707
Visiting Scholar, UCB Center for Labor Research and Education

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