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Re: [xmca] activity (was concepts)

Instances and types are both involved here, Huw.
In fact, any concept has individual, universal and particular moments.


Huw Lloyd wrote:

On 23 April 2011 06:41, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net <mailto:ablunden@mira.net>> wrote:

    I'll leave Marx on commodity Fetishsm for the moment, Martin, and
    solely to make the point that I am not alone on this business of
    meaning as act.

    For example, V P Zinchenko's "Vygotsky's ideas about units for the
    analysis of mind', in Culture, Communication and cognition:
    Vygvotskyan Perspectives, ed J V Wertsch CUP 1985, pp. 94-118:

      “one can consider tool-mediated action as being very close to
      meaning as unit of analysis.”

Quick question, Andy. Are you distinguishing instances and classifications?

I can demonstrate a plan by executing it. I can refer to the execution as an example of my plan. But the execution in not a plan.


    and Engestrom's "Learning by Expanding":

      “According to Vygotsky, the instrumentally mediated act ‘is the
      simplest segment of behavior that is dealt with by research based on
      elementary units’.”


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