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Re: [xmca] activity (was concepts)

> > Huw--
> >
> > What notion of activity are you using when you write below:
> >
> > "The omission I'm noticing here is that knowing and experiencing is an
> > activity" ?
> >
> > (I include the immediately preceeding paragraph for context)
> > mike
> Mental activity.  Experiencing is not passive, it is met half way and is
> actively interpreted (when I get round to it, Husserl is the place to go for
> this, I believe).
> [...]

For clarity, with respect to further interpretations lifted from the other
thread, I am conceiving of this activity cybernetically, i.e. as part of the
process of self-regulation.  That is, our experience and our knowing is,
amongst other things, mediated by our concepts (or the semiotic units
derived from their employment) as part of our regulatory processes which we
call activity.

I hope that helps!

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