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Re: [xmca] activity (was concepts)

Quick aside: I'm currently limping along in daily digest mode, if someone
has the authentication to switch it off for me, before Bruce gets back to
his emails, that'd be great.

> Huw--
> What notion of activity are you using when you write below:
> "The omission I'm noticing here is that knowing and experiencing is an
> activity" ?
> (I include the immediately preceeding paragraph for context)
> mike

Mental activity.  Experiencing is not passive, it is met half way and is
actively interpreted (when I get round to it, Husserl is the place to go for
this, I believe).

Likewise knowing (the mental act of grasping) is an activity too.  Wertsch
provided a lucid description of this activity with his depiction of pole
vaulting (Mind as action -- great book, in my opinion).  Let's say we're
playing speed chess.  I adopt a tactic of thinking in your time:  You muse,
ponder a bit, make a move then hit the timer.  If you happen to have made a
move I predicted for, I make the move that I've primed myself for
immediately as I've already mentally acted out the operation.

Yes, I do see this as a continuum of social activity.

I'm enjoying the posts.

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