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Re: [xmca]-- LONG trails of prior messages help!!

> HUW et al--
> I do not know about others, but I have been receiving emails with many
> pages of badly formatted prior messages in the message stream. I have, for
> example, not been able to find the content in either of your prior
> and have had the same difficulty with others.

Yes, it's not pretty.


> I have been unable to find a general solution to this issue.

The method I'm using here is the most effective I've come across (it works
well for technical content).  It's rare to need to quote a context stack of
5+ , and the previous emails exist in the trail.

> All messages
> are posted at xmca for later reading, so it seems that restricting the
> message trail in current messages would not restrict access.
> Might we, by convention, delete all but prior messages or does this cause
> difficulties.

Provided the relevant snippets are kept I've found it to work well, though
I'm happy to adopt any conventions that aren't too draconian.  The ellipses
"[...]" works as a polite way to indicate you've chopped text out of
someone's response that isn't relevant to your response.


> Lots of fascinating ideas streaming through xmca!
> mike
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