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Re: [xmca] activity (was concepts)


I can appreciate lurking behind the meanings of words.  I can appreciate 
the serpentine action of weaving inside and outside the interplay of 
origins; however, I cannot support that which strips what is within A 
reality.  6" of snow in april is what it is, right?  So, if one were to 
take a word such as 'poverty' and wield it for the purposes of camera and 
media time is that a tool or a concept?  Methinks a concept is neutral and 
only is what it is, such as 6" of snow in april.  Thanks to Martin I have 
honed in a bit better on what LSV was musing about in chapter 7 when 
discussing the merger of thinking and speech;  being that word meaning 
evolves and develops due to thinking not due to the physical act of 
speaking the word.  However, the quality of the word meaning in a dual 
stimulation exercise provides a person with the seed of a concept:  Snow 
in April can arouse one to thinking things strange and out of sorts but 
then when told it is in Minnesota, qualifies the answer.  Tool use is an 
association that can provide a person with the chaining of one idea onto 
another but it is merely a quantity.  No?  Going back to the example of 
poverty we can associate that with many other words but what is it that 
qualifies poverty?  I can think of many examples as I am sure others can 
as well, however, if one is to wield the word of 'poverty' then one is not 
wielding a concept they are merely using it as a tool for there own 

does that make sense?

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On 21 April 2011 15:14, <ERIC.RAMBERG@spps.org> wrote:

> Huw:
> You are not speaking of a concept; you are speaking of a mediational 
> or as Mike Cole identifies, an artifact.
Are there tools that don't mediate and are there things that mediate an 
that are not tools?

I could dig out some quotes, though our first obligation, as 
is to explore the meaning behind the words used, rather than to impose our
meaning upon them: to say "so and so is right or wrong because he says 
or that".  We can't learn or appreciate without attending to the meaning.


> eric
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