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RE: [xmca] activity (was concepts)

What is "IMHO"?

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Please explain to me how someone can "wield a concept"?  I am not even 
sure about the expression "grasp a concept".  When there is a word that is 
generalized to the extent of; hmmm....let's pick moon; it is not a 
decisive tool of distinction but rather, as LSV points out, "word meaning 
is the elementary cell that cannot be further analyzed. . . it is the 
unity between thought and word"   We cannot say that our earth has THE 
moon.  But in conversation we can state, "The moon is out and bright 
tonight."  I can provide a crowd with my moon but perhaps get arrested and 
a smiling cherub of a child could display their moon of a face.   IMHO 
moon's word meaning is the concept present in these thoughts and words. 
Not something weilded or grasped but perhaps active?

what do other's think?  bill blanton or bill borowy out there?


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