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[xmca] More laughter and learning

Since Jay has posted on xmca, I'll post my reply.

I'll add only one comment apropos of the enlarged context. It is no
accident that for several decades we have been exploring the social
where attachment, play, learning, and even, of course, work, can be artfully
mixed to promote multiple threads of development. The issue is how to get it
into the "ur" classroom" and, not incidently, is why it is hard to sustain
sufficient, but not too much structure, after school.  But always
interesting and instructive to try!
I think your comments bring us around to the remarks i made last year about
formal ed since UR, Jay. And its why we work after school. And why
out-of-school "vs" in-school learning is such an important topic.

I think about the issue in this way: Is it possible, on a wide wide scale,
to somehow re-instate the social interaction conditions of learning in
non-schooled societies (and that is not all laughter either, remember)? We
can't go back again. But is there a spiral of development for more than the
lucky few in lucky social ecologies?

I have serious doubts about that.
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