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[xmca] Fwd: [Air-L] DVDs for teaching internet/new media studies

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From: Scott MacLeod <scott@scottmacleod.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 9:35 PM
Subject: Re: [Air-L] DVDs for teaching internet/new media studies
To: Raffl Celina <Celina.Raffl@sbg.ac.at>
Cc: air-l@aoir.org

 Hi Holly, Tama and AoIR researchers,
 There are a lot of virtual ethnography-related videos (and some
audio,  as well) here at webnographers.org -
http://www.webnographers.org/index.php?title=Videos, [1]  with an
invitation to post more to this wiki, as you find them.
Webnographers.org has a lot of resources!
 I think resources will grow here, as well, at World University &
School's "Media Studies" -
http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Media_Studies. [2]
 There's already a free Ph.D. at Harvard in Education listed here for
 2011 and 2012:
http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Courses#Free_Ph.D.s. [3]
 I'm curious what free Ph.D.s and degrees there are in your countries
in  your academic fields, and generally. Please let me know, so that
you or I  can  add them to this wiki page, and so that good students .

 World University and School is an open, free, "edit this page,"
University and School - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Courseware and
Berkeley Webcast (http://webcast.berkeley.edu). [4]
 All the best,
 http://scottmacleod.com [5]
 http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University [6]

[1] http://www.webnographers.org/index.php?title=Videos,
[2] http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Media_Studies.
[3] http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Courses#Free_Ph.D.s.
[4] http://webcast.berkeley.edu).
[5] http://scottmacleod.com/
[6] http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University
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