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Re: [xmca] Leigh Star

Thanks for posting this note, Jay. A lot of people will miss Leigh for a lot
of the reasons you note. It was, ironically, the failure of the health
system to be able to support treatment of her medical problems, which was
bankrupting her and Geoff even as both held senior positions at UCSD, that
forced them to leave UCSD and LCHC.

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Jay Lemke <jaylemke@umich.edu> wrote:

> If you have not heard this yet from other sources, I'm very sad to report
> the death Tuesday night of Susan Leigh Star, a friend of many years and a
> brilliant scholar in science and technology studies and much else.
> She is survived by her husband and longtime collaborator, Geoff Bowker.
> Both had moved this academic year to the U of Pittsburgh from Santa Clara U,
> and before that UC San Diego and U of Illinois.
> Leigh was a leader in information sciences scholarship, in the study of
> cultural classification and its political implications, in research on the
> role of material and semiotic infrastructures, and many other areas.
> I personally am very sad now. Leigh was a wonderfully warm and supportive
> person, whom I've known since her Illinois days. I had once hoped to move to
> San Diego while Leigh and Geoff were still there so as to be able to
> collaborate intellectually and continue a warm friendship. Leigh's health
> had been less than robust off and on over the years for reasons unknown to
> me (and maybe to her). For a long time I've quietly worried about her and
> hoped she would regain and keep her full strength.
> I think most of you must know of her famous work on "boundary objects", a
> concept which often serves to link CHAT perspectives with those of Latour's
> ANT. I believe she edited a special issue of MCA several years ago on the
> work of her original mentor, Anselm Strauss. If you have never read her
> work, I cannot recommend it too highly.
> with sadness,
> JAY.
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