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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2006 - 19:58:41 PST

Hi Paul--

This is certainly an idea we can support here at lchc. We have in the past
tried to collect materials in spanish that are also
in english and other languages and related to chat. I am gloing to cc lchc,
but I strngly suggest that this idea be forwarded
to ISCAR as well. I really ought to fit their agenda and lend a lot of great
resources I will seek to create a TACH part of
LCHC as possibilities present themselves.]\\

On 10/30/06, Paul Dillon <> wrote:
> Sin querer interrumpir cualquier otro hilo que se desarrolla en xmca,
> quiero comenzar a preparar un base de recursos sobre la Teoría de la
> Actividad Cultura-Historica (TACH?) en castellano. He comenzado a reunir
> materiales. ¿Será posible que una carpeta sea dedicado a tal colección en
> la página de web de xmca/mca?
> Una de mis alumnos me sorprendió al incluir el ejemplode un sistema de
> actividad en su prueba final que adjunto a este mensaje. Algunos lo
> reconocerán como el ejemplo ilustrativo que Roth y Lee utilizaron a lo largo
> de su artículo sobre la TACH que recientemente Wolff-Michael compartió con
> XMCA. Ni tengo ídea de donde ella la habrá encontrado aunque voy a
> preguntarle la próxima vez que nos vemos. Busqué en la publicación para una
> citación sobre este ejemplo sin poder encontrarlo. Menciono esto para
> ilustrar la situación y la necesidad para una buena bibliografía en
> castellano que podría ser de provecho para todos quienes estan utilizando
> TACH en su práctica pedagógica.
> Paul Dillon
> Babelfish translation w/ some corrections.
> Without wanting to interrupt any other thread that is developed in xmca,
> I want to begin to prepare a base of resources on the Theory of the
> Cultural-Historical Activity (TACH) in Spanish. I have begun to reunite
> materials. I'm wondering if it would be possible to dedicate a folder to
> such collection in the page of Web of xmca/mca?
> One of my students surprised me recently by including the attached
> example of a system of activity in her final exam.. Some will recognize it
> like as the illustrative example that Roth and Lee used throughout where she
> could have found it although I am going to ask her the next time we see
> each other. I looked in the article for a citation on this example without
> being able to find it. I mention this to illustrate the situation and the
> necessity for a good bibliography in Castilian that it could be of benefit
> for all who are using TACH in their pedagogical practice.
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