RE: Culture politics

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 10:51:49 PST

I have been reflecting on the issue, Eugene. An interesting starting point
is Jean Lave's Cognition in Practice. For many years Jean did not use the
term culture. On purpose. But then, in her book with Dorothy Holland,
culture reappears.

I agree that it would be good see the convergences of, or at least mingling
between adjacent discourse groups. I believe that discussion of key papers
of people we would like to be in discourse with might provide occasions
for intermingling. As you can see, I am seeking to promote the discussion
of articles of interest to varying groups within xmca, whether or not the
person is in xmca.

What is needed is the cultural norm of suggesting articles for discussion
as Nancy has done. Don Cunningham would see me as suggesting that xmca
operates as a rhyzhome -- not entirely, but it provides an object that
organizes the goals of its members. Whoever they might be.

Volunteers for organizing such activities welcome!

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