RE: Culture politics

Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 11:04:21 PST

Folllowing up this thread, Id love to suggest to discuss in the near
future some papers on language and thought, by recent naturalistic
thinkers (by naturalistic I meant evolutionary). I think that they
constitute one of the fronts where a culturalist approach is needed as
a counterpart. I saw some of this in Mike review of the Wynns studies,
but Id love to see more.

On the other hand, what is XMCA and what is not XMCA? I always say this
list as a converging path to culturally grounded researchers.

Quoting Mike Cole <>:

> I have been reflecting on the issue, Eugene. An interesting starting
> point
> is Jean Lave's Cognition in Practice. For many years Jean did not use
> the
> term culture. On purpose. But then, in her book with Dorothy
> Holland,
> culture reappears.
> I agree that it would be good see the convergences of, or at least
> mingling
> between adjacent discourse groups. I believe that discussion of key
> papers
> of people we would like to be in discourse with might provide
> occasions
> for intermingling. As you can see, I am seeking to promote the
> discussion
> of articles of interest to varying groups within xmca, whether or not
> the
> person is in xmca.
> What is needed is the cultural norm of suggesting articles for
> discussion
> as Nancy has done. Don Cunningham would see me as suggesting that
> xmca
> operates as a rhyzhome -- not entirely, but it provides an object
> that
> organizes the goals of its members. Whoever they might be.
> Volunteers for organizing such activities welcome!
> mike

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