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From: Eugene Matusov (
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 10:10:00 PST

Dear Mike-

Thanks for the advice... I love another sabbatical but I also love teaching.
I wish I could clone myself. Although, participating on xmca, I feel like
being cloned. With my brain deterioration, I have to more rely on a
collective mind that xmca presents. Thus, I wish people from the cultural
studies, you were talking about (people like Jim Clifford from UC Santa
Cruz), participated on xmca and help us. The more diverse we are, the more
powerful collective mind we can construct together....

Eugene on a Spring Break

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> I recommend another sabbatical, Eugene, in a cultural studies department
> where cultural studies are a very prominent part of the curriculum and
> all the questions you are raised are debated. My only doubt is whether a
> normal human could, given the room full of books and articles to read,
> be able to get sufficient grasp of the material in a year. I sure have
> not, but all the questions are important.
> mike

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