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Andy - i recently saw "Ten canoes" - a film from your parts of the world - yes? and it looked to me that the folks portrayed in the film - possibly thousands of years ago (?) - while part of the natural world, did not live in the natural world, but rather in their own tool-mediated culturally constructed world - when a dead body was painted, for example, yes, the paint was natural, of the earth and plants, the the reason for the paint wasn't about living in a natural world - the paint was a cultural artifact viewed through a semiotic lens - or, when bodies were painted in preparation for war -
anyway - i wondered if in fact, since language and perhaps even before (witness baboon social relations and inherited dominance), if we folks have ever lived in anything but artifacts - regardless of the degree of sophistication of our technologies - and, as Foucault would assert, language is one of our technologies.
merely meanderings out here in the Rocky Mountain West - (irony here)


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Yes, yes, I understand that, Maria.
My question is not about the person as such but about the world we live in,
the environment, which is no longer a natural world but a world of
artefacts. Obviously (especially for us) a closely related idea, but not
the same.

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