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> Sasha wrote:
>2. As for problem with terms die Vorstellung and das Begriff or their
>Russian equivalent predstavlenie i pon'atie, it has nothing to do with any
>linguistic. Actually the problem has utterly practical significance. Each
>school-teacher or college professor which meets with special ability of
>his/here students to repeat after him/here using correct words and theoretic
>definitions without a tiny hint to real understanding of problems analyzing
>in his/her lecture meets with mentioned above substantial distinction
>between Vorstellung and Begriff. So this distinction plays a great role not
>only in Hegel's or Il'enkov's logical treatise, but in schools, colleges and
>I will add in research practice. Even Vygotsky who knew both German and
>Russian and moreover was acquainted with Hegel's and Marx' philosophy become
>confused in those categories. Thus reasoning about a development of concepts
>(der Begriff) he puts so called "scientific concept" (which in actual fact
>is nothing but formal verbal definition or die Vorstellung) in the summit of
>the hierarchy of concepts. The great difficultness for all who really want
>to understand something, not only imitate such an understanding before
>those boring teachers, is to fight his/here way through the word's shell to
>the real understanding. The crucial criteria of such an understanding is
>practice. I do comprehend something (I muster das Begriff) if basing on my
>understanding I can practically act (by my own hands or by hands of other
>people) upon some natural or cultural object according to its objective
>shape. And contrary the brilliant "knowledge" of all kind of verbal
>definitions has nothing to do with real education and real research.


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