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Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 12:01:42 PDT

Ana-- Your highlighting reminds me that Ed Hutchins defines cognition as the
propogation of
representation across media. Can that be just an accidental association?

On 7/6/05, Ana Marjanovic-Shane <> wrote:
> Harry Daniels wrote:
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> BUT the social categories within activity carry
> their power through the principles of regulation of communication that they
> generate into possibilities for understanding. This is where I find the
> third space pedagogy work so fascinating -- *the connections made between
> different modalities of utterance may serve to transform social
> possibilities*. (amphasis Ana's)
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> Harry,
> I wonder if this - *the connections made between different modalities of
> utterance* - may also be the precise point into which we can look to see
> the actual genesis of meaning - how the new concepts and understandings are
> forged AND how the new symbols are made.
> I would also like to know more about what counts as a "third space
> pedagogy". Is it the work of Carol Lee and Kris Gutierrez?
> I think that the concept of the "third space" is still in the making and
> that different people might have different associations. But I find it very
> important because it is that new dimension that is missing in many
> discussions of the "relation between utterance and social categories".
> Ana
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