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From: Dot Robbins (drobbins72000@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 10:46:19 PDT

Dear Mike, Phil, Phillip, Harry, and Everyone,
Many greetings and a huge thanks for such an interesting discussion, especially from so many perspectives. "Third Space" is a most interesting concept, especially regarding H. Bhabha, K. Gutierrez. There is also the "Third Position" (L. Bozhovich, V. Lektorsky); "Third Meaning" (R. Barthes); "Third Kind of Knowledge" (Spinoza), "Third Place" (C. Kramsch); "Internal Space" (J. Delacour). I would think there will various papers on this idea at ISCAR in Spain. My paper will be called: "Revisiting Vygotsky's Non-Classical Psychology of Language within the Metatheories of Holographic Movement and the "Third Space." I am trying to return to Vygotsky within a fluid model of holography, something K. Pribram wrote about long ago. Also, Mike, thank you for mentioning Tanya Akhutina. I will send Phil an article by her for hopeful posting somewhere, which would surely be of interest for some readers (although not sure of the copyright issue). It is called "Verbal Communication in the Wo!
 rks of M.
 M. Bakhtin and L. S. Vygotsky" (Journal of Russian and East European Psychology, Vol. 41, Nrs. 3/4, 2003). Instead of trying to speak about holography and language theories I am working on, I will also send Phil my paper titled "Generalized Holographic Visions of Language in Vygotsky, Luria, Pribram, Eisenstein, Volosinov (Intercultural Pragmatics, 2-1, 2005).
The other news is that there are some new issues (forthcoming) of the Journal of Russian and East European Psychology on A. N. Leontiev, with new material in English, and the letter from Leontiev to Vygotsky on Feb. 5, 1932. And, there will be more work by A. A. Leontiev translated in English within the next year. Very little material written by him is now in English (more in German), so it is difficult to really address some of the important issues regarding him. He was also not pleased with the translation of the 1981 book into English, so we do need to be careful, as we really don't have enough context yet to fully understand him. The only problem with the publication of his material is money for translations, if anyone has any ideas!!. The last note regards a memorial seminar for A. A. Leontiev next June 8-10th at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Tanya Akhutina (and the A. A. Leontiev family) will be there. Once details are available, you will be informed and invite!
Sending all of you very good wishes,

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