microanalysis of teaching/learning

From: David H Kirshner (dkirsh@lsu.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 16:16:36 PST

I am trying to get a hold of key studies in which researchers/theorists
have collaborated with teachers to explicate complex teaching and learning
processes in classroom settings, that simultaneously serve to develop and
inspire visions of teaching excellence. I'm thinking, here, of works like
The Construction Zone, some of the work of Paul Cobb and his collaborators,
some of Ann Brown's work, ... . As well, we might include some pieces by
authors like Lampert who serve as both teacher and researcher in such
studies (a collaboration with self). I'd appreciate any suggestions of what
might be considered key works in this genre by these or other authors.
You can reply to me off-line, and I'll compile the responses into a single
email for the list.
David Kirshner

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